Maintaining Your Determination To Improve And Stay Constant With Your Music

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Maintaining Your Determination To Improve And Stay Constant With Your Music

Posted OnJune 23, 2018 0

I don’t think people should fear me quitting. Since I’m blogging more on my channel with the community tab, it feels good to be able to share more of my thought process so people don’t just see the dramatic negative and positive shifts I have as a person.

For me, as long as I feel I have something to fight for, I will keep producing content. That is a daily ritual for me since I view things in the form of a constant battle I need to keep getting up for again, again and again. I need to keep failing musically, enduring obstacles to growing my channel and endure through some of the doubts I have when shit hits the fan in order to keep growing as a person, to develop my sound and go further as a YouTuber.

With that said, I’m going to have moments where I question what I’m doing, I feel exhausted and like I’m running on the wheel; but I would have quit a long time ago if this wasn’t something that resonated within me. I feel it is my duty to keep providing content to people and expand my audience to reach others as music is a powerful tool that can make people happy, change their emotions and make them focus.

So, if nothing else, the thought that someone in some far off country is getting some type of motivation by listening to my action tracks, relaxing to my ambient stuff or grinding some evil bosses in an all-night game session to my dark music makes me happy and I want to keep fighting for those people as I feel I was put on this earth to fulfill that purpose.

In fact, what makes me more scared is quitting and only be one execution away from making this something I can solely do for a living and having a greater impact by having more resources, energy and time to give into my music. Thus, being too focused on the short-term is the killer of so many people’s potential that I just refuse to give into that. I feel too determined to stop at this rate.

Hence, it’s why that even though you may see me struggle, slow down and need to give myself a breather; I still feel that fire inside of me even when I feel like there is no way I can succeed at this. I just keep pushing through those doubts, concerns, weaknesses, failures, and limitations so I can do what I feel my purpose in life is. I’m not gonna let those be excuses not to act so long as I still have access to these resources to make it happen.

And to conclude: Even if I keep failing again, again and again, the most important thing I can do is endure and just keep getting up. And thinking of all the people that either look up to me and enjoy my content makes me want to fight harder.

(Sidenote: with all this reflection on my determination, I’mma probably have to make a remix of Determination from Undertale for my own pleasure. Heh)