Preparing for my first album release

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Preparing for my first album release

Posted OnJune 24, 2018 0

Up early and working on album art for my next few albums I plan on releasing in the coming days or weeks. Then I need to start going through my archive of 150+ songs and getting them organized to upload to my site’s server or Bandcamp and then embedding it on my website.

Watching this and getting ready for my first few album releases. I feel it’s about that time to finally not be afraid to release my work in a more packaged format and I’m amp’ing my website still. I’m doing a lot of work this weekend on this project since I’m a bit nervous about how my album will be perceived by the public, but I know I’ve come this far and can’t be scared to step up further

But doing everything for the first time is nervous, so it’s better to confront it and see what comes of it. I find myself more concerned if it will get a lukewarm response, will my fans like it or if I even have the right to make one.

I’ve been dealing with imposter syndrome since I got over my little bout of doubt. (Ha, that rhymed) This all still feels hella unreal and I’m just questioning if I’m really a producer, but I know that’s useless thinking and I’m still determined to keep moving forward with this stuff.

So, overall, with this post I just want to show that while you still may have nervousness about doing something, you should do it anyway since you won’t grow if you allow yourself to be controlled by fear. And I’m beginning to view that nervousness as excitement as I’m hype about actually having my works condensed in the package of an album that I can show and link people and my fans.

Thus, I hope you all support it when it comes out ^^