Why You Should Be Using Backblaze To Back-Up Your Music Software/Data

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Why You Should Be Using Backblaze To Back-Up Your Music Software/Data

In this article, I’m going to state why you need to be backing up all your projects with back blaze. I will be forward and state that there is an affiliate link, however, I sincerely believe you will gain benefit from using this service and it’s something I use alongside external drives/flash drives to make sure I can access my data whenever I need to.

Affiliate Link For Back-Blaze: https://www.backblaze.com/cloud-backup.html#af9k9v

With that said, let’s get right into it


This is the strongest selling point outside of the product itself, obviously. It’s only about 6 dollars per month; or 60 dollars for a whole year. To me? That’s cheap. You can easily spend more than that going out to eat or buying random junk on Amazon. So it makes sense that you’d invest in yourself and protect not only your music, but other precious memories and stuff that are irreplaceable on your computer by buying this. We waste a lot of money, so why not waste it on something that will protect you?

It Protects Your Entire Computer

Once you purchase the software, you will download it to your computer and it will automatically start going and trying to make sure everything is backed up. This may take a while; perhaps even a few weeks. But after it is done, you will have an immense sense of relief because of the fact it scans everything you tell to it and keeps online back-ups.

Though, of course, there is always data you don’t want to be shared. So, you can also exclude it from backing up certain data by clicking settings and going to exclusions and marking the folders you don’t want to be shared in that list. That way your sensitive data is protected and you don’t have to stress about unwanted documents being backed up. Plus, it will save you time if you only select the most critical files as uploading can take awhile.

Good Customer Service

In my experience? If there is something wrong with your account/payment/back-ups, they have reliable customer service that is snappy and will reply to you as soon as they can. This is important in case you run into issues and need to speak to someone. The worst thing a business can have is crummy customer service as the product may be good, but if something goes wrong, you need someone to speak to and there is no worry of that with backblaze.

Different Back-Up Options

You have a lot of different ways to receive the data you back-up by using backblaze. Of course, you can traditionally just download it to your computer. To me? I’ll be honest, this is the best route if you have fast home internet speeds. However, depending on how massive the back-up is, this can take awhile and might not be the best option if you live in an area with poor quality internet.

So, you can access your backups from a USB drive and they will mail it to your house. This is great for files up to 256GB and it cost around $99 to send if you ever are in an emergency and need it since they have rapid shipping. The same thing applies to their USB hard drive which is around 189 dollars (USD) and it goes all the way up to 8TB of data.

So, these are just extra options to consider depending on your needs.

What Is The Bottom Line Of This Article?

The bottom line is this: backblaze is affordable, easy to use, has excellent customer service and you’d be almost silly not to buy it with how cheap it is considering how faulty computers can be. We’ve all been there where our best/awesome project is almost finished, the computer crashes and you lose all your data. With backblaze, you don’t have to worry about that and you can sleep soundly at night knowing all your precious music and files are protected.