About Us

A Wild Approach To Music!

DARKNESS! ACTION! ENERGY! These three words can describe the direction my music goes in. I LOVE to produce anything that sounds as if it belongs in some type of fight scene, anime, movie or video game and that’s the quality of the product you’ll get if I work with a project with you.

FrostFM Story

Starting from the depths of my home studio in June 2017, these wicked sounds began to be born from a strong desire to influence peoples day, mood and feeling from the music that churns out of my head and into reality. I want to be able to provide you with the best sounds that get you pumped, into the mood and ready to take out a whole marathon if need be when my music hits your ear!

Enter The Founder: TheFrost [Frostreturns]

Creator Of FrostFM

Hi there. I’m Frost and I’m a young music producer seeking to collaborate with other creatives on projects so that they can have that flare they need to really make their scenes hit home.

Feeling Generous?

Being a creative takes money. It’s rough stuff, right? Right. If YOU are feeling generous and kind, feel FREE to donate a cup of coffee to me.

If you are looking for business, hit that donate button so I can produce something awesome for YOU.

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