Finding Your Style Of Music Production

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Finding Your Style Of Music Production

Finding a style is something that is hard to do for most producers, artists, musicians etc. The reason for that is because each person is essentially operating a different internal wavelength and it takes a lot of practice and time in order to otherwise discover what clicks for you. However, there are certain things you can do in order to try and find that style which suits you. Therefore, I listed out some ways to find it below:


Experimentation is the keys to success in my opinion. You won’t find what works unless you get your hands dirty. And the way you can achieve this is by practicing different genres of music, playing around with different drums, tinkering with different scales you don’t normally use and always trying something just a little bit different to give a song or remix your own unique flow to it. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but just adding one special element of experimentation can go a long way to making your song stand-out.


Sometimes you have to look outward in order to find a style. Since we like music enough to create our own, it stands to reason that we often have a rich collection of music at our finger-tips. Therefore, I’d recommend listening to songs that inspired you to produce your own music to see if you can emulate some of their ideas. Pay attention to the synths they use, the effects, the progression of the song or just way they transition into different parts of the song. You never know what nugget of gold you may want to try and emulate from it. And, if worse comes to worst, ask friends for songs that inspired them to see if you can find any ideas from others outside of your own collection of music.


Feedback is the hallmark of progression in my opinion since we get pretty stuck in our own heads and sometimes need a second, third or fourth opinion on our music. However, make sure the people you are requesting feedback from actually know what they talking about. I set my feedback into a few different categories: people who aren’t into music production, people who are into music production and then people who will help me grow. The first category I use just to get a general sense of how my music sounds to the untrained ear, the second I use to see if there is anything I can add/adjust in my mix and the third are people I trust who have my best interest at heart. You will have to find different communities, people and places where you feel you are getting the feedback you need.

So you will need to figure out what it is you want feedback on. Are you looking for feedback on your percussion? Your leads? A certain genre of music you are attempting? Figure it out, be specific and ask people to critique it. After a while, they will tell you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong so you can adjust and find out your strengths and weaknesses and otherwise have a better idea of how to achieve a style of music that best suits your skill level.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Lastly, there is no getting around it, but practice is what you are going to need to find your style. It takes a lot of hours of work in order to understand what works in a song and what doesn’t. Then you have to factor in finding your flow, rhythm and what method of production suits your taste and sounds good to the people you share your music with. And all of this takes effort, feedback, investment, and patience. However, if you are able to endure, you will find it and you just have to hold out in my opinion until that point.

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