3 Benefits Of Making Vent Songs


3 Benefits Of Making Vent Songs

I’m gonna be straight up with you: not every song is gonna achieve this state of flow, nor should every song have this as the backdrop for it. Therefore, I’m just going to state the benefits of doing vent tracks as sometimes they can be the thing you need to do in order to break out of a rut.

So, let’s do a quick dive in and get into it:

Lack Of Care = Quality

When you stop caring about the results of your project, you are able to have freedom that prevents you from overthinking things and enter into flow state. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t care about trying to improve, understanding the technicals and what makes a song good. However, there comes a point where you need to let it go, create and do what is in the best of your abilities with the knowledge/experience you have so you can actually enjoy making music. There are some songs that are meant to make you learn, and others where you just need to relish in your craft. Pick your battles wisely.

Leads to Productivity/Consisteney

If you know you are making a song straight from the heart, you are more likely to finish and it gives you that boost to want to go hard. It doesn’t matter how repetitive the process can be, the end result and going through the experimentation feels joyful and you know you will get through the struggles to make your vision come to life. So this breeds consistency, productivity and more focus on your craft because you have such strong sentiments pushing you to want to go further than your current potential and level.

Stronger Resonance With Your Listeners

When you put those raw emotions into your songs, the audience and other listeners can pick up on that. And, when you tell them the story behind your music, it builds connection and longevity. Therefore, I recommend being upfront with the place where your songs come from. You never know who it is gonna resonate with or how it may change someone. Music is meant to be enjoyed and it’s a powerful energy that can change the lives of people.

Take Away From This Article

The biggest take away from this article is that you should leverage all your emotions, both positive and negative, in order to make music that moves both yourself and other people. When you do that, it really becomes personal, and that investment in your sentiment/emotions that are poured into the songs you create helps you to go further, harder and faster than others who are solely in it just for monetary gain. That isn’t to say that money isn’t important (as I’m making a whole different article on how to/why you should ignore people who call you a sellout), but sometimes you have to get to the heart of music and let that guide you like a spirit of creation and your body is just the medium for it to set its wings free.