Why You Should Create Series Playlist For Your Youtube/Spotify

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Why You Should Create Series Playlist For Your Youtube/Spotify

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This article applies to you whether you are on youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud, or on any other platform as a music producer/musician. You should be creating tailored playlists to the different types of series/genres you do and I’ll show you why since I’ve gotten good results doing that for myself. And with the results I got, I’m sure it will help aspiring music producers to get their required watch time/subscribers in order to get their channel ready to be monetized by youtube.

So, why don’t we just jump right in?

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Increases Odds Of Getting A Subscriber

Think about it from the viewer’s point of view: you have just found a channel/page that has good music. You come in from one video and wonder if they have more like it. However, if you are like me, you probably have a lot of uploads and it’s hard to go through that. Well, if you have attached to your profile or video a series of playlists for them to go through, it makes allowing them to find what they want all that easier. And, when they find more of a particular style/genre/series of playlist you do, they are more likely to subscribe as they’ll want more of that content. And if one of your videos manages to off, this investment can pay off in droves.

Increased Watch Time And Algorthim Pushes

Check it: if you have a series playlist, then it makes sense that someone would binge watch it. If it gets enough traction with a lot of people, this can increase your chances of meeting your own youtube requirements in order to get monetization enabled. Meanwhile, on the spotify/soundcloud etc side, it makes sense to have one because even their algorithms are looking for trends, patterns and behaviors that their listeners have when streaming music. If they going through a playlist of yours and the person keeps looping/repeating it, they are gonna take notice and push your content more in order to grow your platform.

You Are Seen As An Authority

If you have multiple playlist that performs well in whatever genre/niche/series you are interested in, eventually youtube will mark your channel as an authority as you are constantly holding people’s interest, watch time, subscriptions and all that jazz. So this is a stealth way to get the algorithm to help promote a chain of videos and your channel because you are creating a hub of content for people to watch and your channel is marked for success if this happens in my mind.

Portfilo Of Work For The Future

Also, in terms of sponsorships/clients, you can have them access an easy catalog of your material in order to find something they may want to sponsor, invest or commission in. If you have a list of your various styles of music, it goes a long way to increase your odds of being seen as dependable, reliable and having a variety of content that a person may want to pay for. So keep this in mind to when creating playlists.

How Should I Set-Up My Playlist?

Consider it as an album of sorts. You can put 5-20 songs on there and if they are of a similar genre, then slap it as a link in your video, put it as an ending title card at the end of your video, put it in your description, and on your profile. You can even use this tactic with your spotify/soundcloud etc playlist by adding them in the video as well if you want people to hop over and binge watch songs on their platforms as well. This will help increase your listeners and show them they have a lot of content to binge watch from you and help you produce more results for your profile.

You can also do what I did here with one of my more successful youtube playlist:

I basically put dozens upon dozens of songs into a single playlist because I made content around a game that people enjoyed. So, because there were so many songs that were stacked up over time, there was a enough traffic, behavior and awareness on youtube’s part to then start promoting it in search and other places and I managed to get these results from it.

Add Description To Youtube Playlist

Also, another trick I want to leave you with is the fact that you should be adding brief descriptions to your playlists. Anywhere from around 1-3 sentences should suffice. I say this because it can help it rank more in search, give the listener a better idea of what it is about and otherwise put you on the fast track to growth over time. And make sure you title the playlist as something searchable. Quite frankly, a tactic I’d recommend is using tubebuddy in order to do some keyboard research with their keyword explorer in order to see what can rank for your channel and then just port that over to your spotify/soundcloud/etc playlists as well as far titles go.

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What Is The Take Away From This Article?

Basically, you should be doing more in your favor to help set your channel and profile up for success down the line by investing in the effort/time needed to create these playlists. They are considered a long-term investment to me as if one video takes off, people are going to want more and it creates a content chain that can really set-fire to your youtube/SoundCloud/Spotify and have produced good results for me. So, consider trying it out for yourself.

With that said, I hope you all got some value from this and I’ll see you in the next article.