4 Reasons Why Fanmade Content Can Grow Your Spotify/Youtube

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4 Reasons Why Fanmade Content Can Grow Your Spotify/Youtube

If you are struggling to gain traction on your Spotify, I’m writing this article mainly for you and to give you some insight on why you should leverage the shows/games/comics/media you enjoy in order to help achieve your music goals.

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Easy Motivation/Inspiration

If you pick something you actually enjoy and aren’t just riding for the views, you will have a natural source of inspiration to want to create. I say this as I’ve had tracks that were sustained by hype of myself, enjoyment in the community, and I started out just loving making fight themes because I’d listen to a lot of different anime/video game/movie soundtracks and get pumped up during my workouts to dance around/run to them. So, it was an easy source of inspiration to get me started as I wanted to give that feeling to someone else.

Now, with this information in mind, it is a useful tool to leverage because of the fact that there are going to be hard times. You are going to have dips, lows and perhaps even songs that don’t go anywhere. However, since you have this source of motivation to lean on, it can help as long as you know your motives for making them and have fun doing it. And I find making songs/remixes/covers for media I enjoy to be a good way to get through the grind of building up your music presence because of that fact.

You Meet Like-Minded People And Fans

It’s pretty easy to network with people and interact with fans of your work if you all are apart of the same community in my mind. I say this because if you all sincerely are fans of the medium you are creating content for, it’s easy to have something that bounds you and you have more motivation to interact with fans of your work. And by interacting with them as much as you can, you build fans who will want to follow you and support your work.

You’ll also meet other fellow creatives in the community who can help give you insight, motivate you when you are feeling down and be there to support you if you become close. So, this is something that is invaluable because there are going to be times where you burn out, but if you have other creators at your side who understand your struggles, this is a huge plus toward sustaining yourself in the long term.

However, if you don’t actually enjoy the series you are making content for, this can burn you out and you may resent the fanbase if you built your foundation around a series you despise. So this is why I say you should pick series you actually enjoy instead of riding trends because you will grow to loathe it if you are in it for the wrong intentions.

Music Is A Medium For Other Media To Travel Through

We music creators are the people that make things happen in the background. Unless you are a vocalist or something, our stuff is often the things that create the atmosphere in the mediums of movies, games, anime, and so on. I have no issue with that what-so-ever as I prefer being the guy behind the scenes. So, with that in mind, you have to understand that music is a medium and when you attach the energy of your music to a medium such as games/movies/anime/comics/whatever; your music is acting as a reflection of that community, the energy around the characters and the events that took on.

Hence, my point with this is that you should really re-frame how you view your music when making songs for soundtracks because music needs something to attach itself to in order to really resonate with people. This is something that is important even with people who don’t do this thing. Take for example the way people are hoping on tik-tok trends and going these dances/trends. The musicians there are leveraging the medium of tik-tok, creating a craze and having millions of people use that medium to hear their music and create a movement.

Future Chances For Work

Honestly, I’ve gotten a lot of commission work, some commercial work, sponsorship emails and things like that by just focusing on building up my content through the fandoms I’ve been apart of over the years. So, if you are wanting some longevity with this and other streams of revenue, you can possibly leverage the consistency you have for the series you enjoy to show your portfolio and body of work and present to people willing to hire you for projects. Hell, you may even get approached by people who a part of an official soundtrack and have your fan-made tracks turned into official ones if it is good enough and gets enough praise. Don’t rely on it, but don’t discount the power of investment either.

The Take Away

In the end, you have to have your heart in it. If people feel you are false with your passion for the series, they will feel that in the way you carry yourself and how your music sounds. So while this can be a great tool to help you get more streams, subscribers, fans and open up doors for you; you have to have honest intentions. As even if people don’t call you out, you yourself may end up hating your work if you just latched on to the fandom/series/movie/whatever just for the views. Trust me, you don’t want to hate your work and the people that follow you, so take some time to think about what drives you and then get out there and make content!

If this article brought you any kind of value, please let me know as I love to hear if my words have changed anyone’s point of view when it comes to their music as there is enough opportunity out here for us all to succeed.