Why You Should Make One Hour Extensions

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Why You Should Make One Hour Extensions

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Why You Should Be Making One Hour Extensions Of Your Songs

Ho’kay. I’m going to be making a quick article here talking about the benefits of why musicians should be making one-hour extensions of their songs on youtube. I’ve got some of my own data to share here just so you know I’m not talking out of my butt either. If you aren’t using this tactic in your videos, you are really missing out on making some easy growth in order to make your channel and platform grow even more than it already is.

Hence, lemme break it down for you and get to business on why there are benefits to doing this:

These Are Simple To Make Videos When You Are Burned Out

One of the first reasons is that they are hella easy to make. In my case, all I really do is just take the video I rendered, loop it for an hour on sony vegas and let it/render and export. Then, from there, I just make a new thumbnail for it and we are good to go. You can even go ahead and re-paste the old information from the original video if you need to in order to save yourself writing. Just state somewhere in the description you are re-pasting old information.

With that said, this is a perk because if you are feeling yourself in a creative low, aren’t inspired and still want to upload? Well, the fact it is so easy to make them is a plus and can help your channel out when you need to.

Keeps your Youtube Channel Active

We all get burnt out. Life happens, we lose joy in our craft or whatever else have you. We need to take a break. So, by creating a one-hour extension of your songs, you can still have a consistent upload schedule that will help to keep your youtube channel active. This is a godsend because you can still engage and keep your followers happy as I’ve found I’ve gotten a lot of requests from my own subscribers to make one-hour extensions. People often just leave them on in the background because it helps them focus, they don’t have to do anything and it’s just relaxing if the song is chill. So keep this benefit in mind if you are trying to sustain growth and activity on your channel.

Easy Watch Time Hours

For those who are struggling with watch time, this is an easy tactic to build that up. I say that because of the fact that if you have a song that really takes off and you make a one-hour extension of it, people will be stuck on that video and you will see the watch time begin to climb. As while the views may be lower, the watch time will be much higher in some cases because of the fact they are looping the song again and again and it’s making the video help make your channel monetizable in the process.

How To Use One Hour Videos In Your Content Strategy

End-Screens: So, say you have made a one-hour extension of a song. You can place an end screen pop up on the original version of the song, and you can also put them in different videos that are related to the song. (I.E. if I made an Undertale one-hour loop, I could potentially put it in other Undertale videos if I wanted. If I made a one hour lofi beat video, I could put it in other lofi beat videos etc.) This is useful because if the person likes the song, and they listen all the way to the end, chances are they’ll click on the video and this will show youtube that your video is hot and place it in suggested videos as you are creating a content chain that keeps them on youtube for longer. And that’s precisely what they want.

Descriptions/Pinned Comment: You can also get a content chain going on if you link your one-hour extension in the description of your video if you have it uploaded and link it in the pinned comment section. That way you can have more people funneling into your content and eventually subscribing to you. As to me, this effect just amplifies over time and is worth the investment.

Playlist: I’ve even made a playlist of one-hour extensions because of the fact that it racks up watch time and it’s easy to throw at people who want one hour extensions of your songs. So you could try creating a custom playlist with your one-hour extensions into a group so people can go from one song to the next. Heck, if you make fanmade content, you can even make something like a collection of Sonic The Hedgehog One Hour Extensions, Super Mario One Hour Extensions etc etc etc. Giving people variety can go a long way in this instance, so just experiment because I’ve gotten results with playlist.

What Is The Take Away From The Article?

Yeah, some artists can get in their feelings about uploading one-hour extensions. However, if you are looking to grow and please your audience and expand, this is definitely a useful tactic to add to your toolbelt.

I’d rather please my audience than worry about what some snob thinks of me trying to further my goals, yanno? Plus it makes people happy even if there are indeed simple tools to loop the song. As at the end of the day, it’s about pleasing your base and making sure the people who are following you are taken care of.

So, that’s all I really care about: making the people who listen to my music happy.

If people don’t like it, that’s just tough. And you should have a similar mentality as doing this requires thick skin.

With that said, I hope this article brought you some insight and you have a wonderful day.


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