3 Tips For Finding A Process To Create Music

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3 Tips For Finding A Process To Create Music

There is a process to everything in my mind, and this applies to music as well. Below are some things that I feel can help make the process of creating music easier for you.

Knowing Your Instruments

After you’ve remixed/created your own songs enough time, you start to get a feeling for what instruments you enjoy using in your songs. So, I would recommend going through your backlog of finished projects and pay attention to many of the instruments/presets/plugins/whatever you use and put them into a list. I then want you to start a new project, load up all your instruments/plugins/etc and save this as “PROJECT DEFAULT”. (Or whatever the hell you want to call it.)

I feel this is important as you can stop wasting time trying to find all the gear you need and just have everything there at your fingertips that you need. This then leaves more time for the actual creative process when you know what you have a knack for. That doesn’t mean you still don’t experiment to grow your sound, but it makes having a starting point far easier than just aimlessly trying to find what works for you.

Knowing The Length Of The Song

Most people prefer to have songs be somewhere in the two to a four-minute range. That does not mean you cannot have songs/creations be shorter or longer, but that’s generally a sweet spot to keep it at. So, to make things simple, just break it down to an intro, beginning, middle and ending point. Then, when you have that on your outline, I’d just fill in what you actually want to happen or the feeling you want to invoke in these transitions of the song. If you actually have a map to where you going with the song, it makes it a lot easier to just explore it and add or remove things as you explore that blueprint of your creation.

Creating Presets

Whatever type of effects you did on your mixer/plugins/whatever you should make a preset of. The reason I say this is because it saves time in the future once you have a sound you like. As you won’t have to search through the heavens and earth for a sound that you feel will work for your song. You will already have something you customized or created to work with and can slap it in a song and play with it until you are ready to move on to the next thing.