How To Make 200 Youtube Videos In A Year


How To Make 200 Youtube Videos In A Year

From June 2017 to June 2018 I made around 200 videos in a year. This took a lot of work, dedication, and discipline to achieve. There was a lot I had to learn in order to be able to keep up with that high output and I’d like to share some of the methods I used to achieve that.

^ There is my playlist, btw, of the videos I made from that time.

Why I Feel It’s Important


I’m not saying you should create 100-300 videos in a year to create the godliest thing to ever grace mankind. I feel it’s important for beginners because it helps to quickly learn things and not take 3240324823940328 years to grasp the basics of content creation (whether you just be doing video editing, music like me, art/drawing or whatever) If you are getting constant feedback from your work, this is a good way to level up your skill in whatever craft you chose since you are putting in a high volume of content out there with a plan.

So, for me, I put in a high amount of music based content since I got feedback from people in other forums on my work and that caused me to see a lot of flaws in my work quickly then dicking around for 324324323232 years trying to figure stuff on my own. As I don’t believe in blindly creating a bunch of work and then just uploading it to a void. You need to have a clear idea of where you are shooting for, get the advice of others (find a discord, that helped me) and keep aggressively pursuing it because you’ll find a process and be able to create easier since it’ll be second nature to you after repeating it so many times and progressing.


I had a variety of video and thumbnail templates ready to go for most of my projects. This streamlined everything as I had presaved project files in photoshop, after effects and premiere for whatever type of video I needed. This made editing infinitely easier and I just needed to tweak things slightly to be able to produce more content for my channel.

Creating In Advance And Queuingit

To save myself work, I’d sometimes create batches. If I knew what projects I was going to do, I’d make premade videos in advance, upload them in my channel and then make another batch. This saves time and gives a schedule to my channel when I implement this type of content queue because I have a library of media to upload at any time I want. That way when I felt exhausted, I still had content I hadn’t uploaded to upload to my channel to keep constant. I’d recommend you have at least 1-2 weeks of content in your backlog that you can upload since it’ll make this process easier.


I still consider a video upload since you are taking time out of your day to hang out with your subscribers/watchers, entertain them, let them get to know you or even show live performances depending on whatever medium you are in. (for me, I actually even do some songs live and showed people how I produced some of my stuff) So, if you feel like leaving your livestreams up, that is another good way to get that 200 video count.

Core Motivation

I talked about this in another blog post below:

Finding Your Core Motivation To Produce Music

But, essentially, you need to have a deeper reason to create your content then just views, subscriber growth or anything shallow like that. I do not feel it is wrong at all to want people to see your content and engage it (Don’t give me that nonsense that you’d be happy with something you spent hours, days, weeks or even months on being seen by a dozen people), but you will need to have something much deeper than that to keep you through the times where things aren’t progressing, things get hard and you feel exhausted.

For me, I found my deeper core motivation was feeling like my content was making the world a better place, the process of leveling up my creativity felt like a game which made me feel like I was gaining more exp with each new thing I learned and the fact that I was touched by so many other producers/musicians that I wanted to throw my hat in the ring and reproduce that feeling for someone else.

I feel this is very essential as I believe anyone can do the hard work/technical stuff, but it takes a true reason to actually want to stick with it and do the ugly work to get there. And swallow reasons won’t last long in my experience since I’ve experienced that before in the past.

To Conclude

If you feel really strongly and passionate about whatever subject you are purusing on your youtube and you don’t know much about it, I’d recommend this method since it got results for me. It’s not for everyone, though, and you need to make sure you have a STRONG core motivation before purusing or else you’ll burn out real quick. Prepartion is key and you’ll make it if you have a plan.

Bonus Tip For Music Producers/Content Makers

I’d recommend doing hour long versions of your songs and compliations of your stuff. Believe it not, everyone doesn’t view all your uploads because youtube has a garbage notification system. So making a list of compiled videos/songs you’ve done can increase watch time/views because more watch time equals more promotion on youtube and will increase the amount of eyes on your content. Plus, you can use this to have more uploads on your channel and spread your content out more when you need time to rebuild your creative juices and most people seem to love to leave a good song on loop if they are at work or something. So I’d say give this tip a try.