How Having A Large Library Of Music Helps You Become A Better Music Producer


How Having A Large Library Of Music Helps You Become A Better Music Producer

I probably have around 10,000+ different songs in my collection at the moment. Sure, I don’t listen to every single one of them every day, but it’s a vast assortment of songs across multiple gene that can give me a feel for the various types of instruments, arrangements, feelings, and ways a song can be produced by not limiting what I listen to. (Except for Mumble Rap. Fuck Mumble rap)

Is It A Waste Time?

So, with that said, you probably think having a wide collection of music is a waste since some people think you should be specialized. I say that’s hogshit in my opinion since if you don’t limit what type of musical content you digest, that leaves room for your brain to observe many different types of examples of music. And, from those examples it consumes, you then have your own internal library of sounds that you can mix and match to experiment with your own tracks in order to gain a more unique sound.

More Music Content Digested = More Ideas For Your Own Songs

In fact, dabbling around with multiple genes is what I feel helped accelerate my growth in music production as well. There are a wide arrange of different techniques that you are forced to learn when you challenge yourself to create content in a genre you aren’t familiar with. So, from this challenge, you take away a list of new experiences you can incorporate into the genre of music you consider your best out to further develop a more unique sound than others around you since you didn’t waste time limiting yourself to learning only one genre.

This is why I’d probably welcome you to try and listen to songs you normally wouldn’t find yourself listening to. You may be able to find some hidden gold in the genres that they express because there is always something new to be learned for every piece of musical content out there in my opinion. The only thing that limits you from learning it is your own beliefs on what that genre of music has to offer you as a producer or composer.