Undersource Comic Re-Dub Season 1 OST Part Three

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Below is a BATCH Download for the Undersource Comic Re-Dub Season 1 OST Part Three. You will need to be able to unzip the compressed file with a program like winrar or zip.

Winrar: https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm

7ZIP: https://www.7-zip.org/

An Explaination Is Due [Undersource Ost]

Give Them Hell [Undersource OST]

Glamour [Undersource OST]

Hacked Chara Fight Theme [Megalo Strike Back Remix] [Undersource OST]

Hacked Chara Fights [Faster]

Hacked Chara Fights [Slower]

Hacked Chara Fights! ~ The Dirty Hacker Shows Their Face [Undersource OST]


Investigation Loop [Undersource OST]

May Contain Traces Of Nyeh [Undersource OST]

Necros’ Rage [Undersource OST]

Returning To Reality [Undersource OST]

The Puppet And The Pawn [Undersource OST]

Undyne’s Theme Battle Against A True Hero Remix [Undersource OST]

A Dance Of Bones [Undersource OST]

A Hacked Trap [Undersource OST]

A New Fighter Enters The RIng [Undersource OST]

A Relieving Encounter [Undersource OST]

A Show To Behold [Undersource OST]

A Very Concerned Skeleton [Undersource OST]