Megatale OST Volume 1

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Below is a BATCH Download for Megatale OST Volume 1. You will need to be able to unzip the compressed file with a program like winrar or zip.



Snow Scene [Megatale OST]

Undyne’s Resolve – Pre-Fight Theme [Megatale OST]

Waterfall [Royal Undyne Remix] [Megatale OST]

WD Gaster’s Planning Theme [Unofficial Megatale OST]

[Megatale OST] Newko VS Red Pre-Battle Theme [FrostFM Original]

[Megatale] Newko’s Vegance [FrostFM Original]

Casual Frisk Theme [Megatale OST]

Chara’s Dread [Megatale OST]

Megalo Massacrer [Megatale OST]

Melancholic Fire – Frisk’s Battle Theme [Megatale OST] [Undertale]

New Enemy – Newko’s Theme [Megatale OST]

Red’s Reminiscence [Megatale OST]

Red’s Stand [Megatale OST]

Snow Monster Scene [Megatale OST]

Somber Moment [Megatale OST]