Fanmade Underverse Songs

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This is a collection of fanmade Underverse songs and remixes produced by FrostFM that is open up for download. If you’d like to help support the website and community, please take a moment to consider donating on the link above and enjoy the content.

[Underverse] X-Gaster Theme [WD Gaster] [Fanmade]

[Underverse] VS Cross Chara [Fanmade Battle Theme] [X-Tale]

[Underverse] End Of Vania: Ink Sans VS Error Battle Theme [Fanmade]

[Underverse] X-Tale!Sans/Cross Fight Theme [A FrostFM Dark Remix]Br

[Underverse] XTale Chara’s Revenge Theme [A FrostFM Remix]Br

[Underverse/Xtale] Reality: Cross Sans New Start Theme [FrostFM Remix]

[Underverse] Ink Sans Lament [FrostFM Original] [Fanmade]

[Underverse] Dream!Sans Golden Melancholy [FrostFM Original] [Fanmade]

[Underverse] Xtale Mettaton Fight Theme [FrostFM Original] [Fanmade]