FrostFM Fanmade Glitchtale OST Vol 1 Download

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Below is a BATCH Download for the Fanmade Glitchtale OST. You will need to be able to unzip the compressed file with a program like winrar or zip.



Individual Songs

[Glitchtale] Genocide Frisk’s Rampage [Fanmade Battle Theme] [Undertale]

[Glitchtale] True Love Repeats – Chara’s Fight [FrostFM Remix]

[Glitchtale] Bring It On – Betty’s True Terror [Remix]

Frisk’s Final End [Glitchtale] [Fanmade Theme]

Gaster’s Anticipation [Fanmade Glitchtale OST]

Glitchtale OST – Alphys Theme Embodiment Of A Yellow Devil [Remix]

Glitchtale OST – Betty Noire Fight Theme Remix (Original By Nyx The Shield)

Glitchtale OST Remix Of Bring It On [Chara’s Turn]

[Glitchtale] Life In Grey ~ Jessica Grey’s Theme [A FrostFM Remix]

Megalo Phobia: Chara VS Betty [Fanmade Theme]

[Glitchtale] Vantablack ~ Even Darker [FrostFM Remix] [Original By NyxTheShield]

Betty VS Cross Chara Battle Theme [Fanmade] [Glitchtale]

Betty’s Nightmare [Fanmade Glitchtale Theme]

Betty’s Nightmare Remix [Fanmade Glitchtale Fight Theme]

[Glitchtale OST Remix] Bete Noire’s Fight Theme ~ Venomous Hate (Original By Nyx The Shield)

[Glitchtale Remix] A Welcoming Smile ~ Betty’s Attack Begins

[Glitchtale] Til The End, Asriel [His Theme Remix]

[Glitchtale] Betty And Asriel VS Chara Determined Nightmare [By FrostFM]