Why Is Responding To Most Of Your Comments Important?

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Why Is Responding To Most Of Your Comments Important?

I don’t expect everyone to have the same line of thinking as I do when it comes to Comments, but I feel it is important to respond to most comments that I receive on my works. This does not mean I’m able to reply to every single comment I receive, but I generally try to respond to something like 80-90% of my comments because that is an investment of time on my end. Since, from my point of view, someone took the time to leave their thoughts on something I produced, so I feel obliged to respond in kind to them.

Perhaps I won’t be able to keep this up if my channel grows bigger, but for the time being, it builds a connection to my audience for me as I don’t feel like I’m just putting my material out into a void and having no input what so ever to discern whether or not my content has actually reached someone.

Yeah, yeah; I’ll hear some creators get on their soap box and say you shouldn’t create for views/comments, but I like knowing the fact that somewhere out there someone is being impacted by my music. I put a lot of heart, energy, blood, sweat, and tears into my creations and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to hone in those skills. So I do not feel it is wrong for me to have a desire to get more feedback, comments and views as it’s not the only thing that is singularly motivating me to create.

Rather, I consider it a byproduct of that soul I put into my work and it’s nice to see more people resonate with it through the engagement I receive through my comments. And, in turn, I know it’s nice to see content creators actually respond to their fans/followers because most don’t have time or are too busy to do that.

From all of this is what I feel creates a special kind of bond because while I may not respond to you the same day on my comments, I know at some point I’ll get to it and I feel most of my loyal subscribers/followers have come to expect it because I do care for the people that have invested their time and emotions into my work.

Thus, to conclude, I feel it’s important to respond to most of your comments since your viewers will often feel engaged/acknowledged and like they are part of a community. Which, in turn, creates a special bond between the content creator and the person who consumes the content from my point of view. So if you want to go that extra distance, I’d say give it a shot and see what happens.