How To Overcome Doubt As A Creative And Music Producer

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How To Overcome Doubt As A Creative And Music Producer

Posted OnJune 26, 2018 0

Creatives tend to have a lot of doubts in their mind when it comes to the state of their art. We are our own worse critics because we can see every little detail, flaw, and error of our work because of the fact we created it with the power of our mind. However, what we fail to often see is that others do not always hold that same perception. What may be garbage to you, may actually be a work of art to someone else. Therefore, even if you feel your work is absolute trash, you have to hold your head up high because there are 7 billion people on this planet and I’m certain someone out there will enjoy the content you produce as not many people take up the charge to create.

Sit back and think: out of the majority of people, how many people constantly come home and create something? That can be anything from writing, music, creating videos, drawing or whatever else have you. It takes a special person to want to put themselves through the pain of learning a new skill, exposing their work to the world and having the courage to see it through to the very end. Therefore, even if you aren’t at the level of skill you wish you are, you need to gain perceptive and realize you are still mentally ahead of many people who haven’t even taken the first step to finding their own inner creativity.

Furthermore, even if you find your crummy, complaining about it won’t really do anything. If I decided to say: “I’m too old to pursue music. My work will never be good enough. There are too many talented artists out there. I won’t make it”, then I wouldn’t be here talking to you and delivering this message that can potentially change someone’s life or creative pursuits. So long as you are actively getting feedback from your peers, constantly learning, constantly practicing and putting in the god honest hours, energy and love into your creations; you will have no reason to doubt yourself as everyone is a constant work in progress and you will NEVER reach a point where you will not doubt some part of your art.

At the moment you reach perfection is the same moment where you will lose your edge. If you feel you have reached a point where you have nothing left to grow as a content creator is the same place where many people’s skill begins to wither and die out. So, if anything, that sense of doubt can be made into your friend because it shows you still care about your work and you see many ways your art can still improve. There, I’d implore you to work with it and avoid letting it stop you from producing content that can possibly change someone else’s life.